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Taiyi Metal

Taiyi Metal

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Shandong Taiyi Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2010, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province, a single champion enterprise of Manufacturing industry in Shandong Province, and an enterprise technology center in Shandong Province. Taiyi Technology belongs to Shandong Yuyang Group. Yu Yang group is a deep-processing comprehensive enterprise group, aluminum casting aluminum production base, production base, production base of aluminum template, all doors and Windows aluminum furniture production base, formed from liquid aluminum alloy casting, precision mold manufacturing, precision aluminum production to the whole development of aluminum furniture, aluminum template, all aluminum climb, PC and PC high-strength aluminum alloy mold of the whole industry chain, surrounding high-end aluminum deep processing of fine products in the aspects of construction industry, industrial applications, to provide customers with a package of products, one-stop service.

Main products are aluminum alloy used in science and technology of righteousness of peaceful template, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, aluminum furniture, intelligent adhesive lifting scaffolding, has been formed with annual capacity of 3 million square meters of aluminum template capacity, is the domestic high-quality aluminum template production base, is living in shandong province identified as the province construction hall quality of prefabricated construction industry demonstration base, with China vanke, wanda, gen, Evergrande, country garden, poly, China resources, build a strategic partnership, ZhongTieJian well-known construction industry.

Company is committed to scientific and technological innovation, to seize the old and new kinetic energy conversion important strategic opportunity, relying on science and technology, standardization, industrialization and specialization, has with China nonferrous metal research institute, shandong university, shandong architecture university and other research institutes, institutions of higher learning, in-depth cooperation, gradual strength and depth of fusion, comprehensive introduction of fine production management system, always adhere to customer satisfaction as the guide, efforts to create a more convenient for the society, more energy saving, environmental protection building high-quality goods, made building a well-known brand in the market.


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