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Taiyi Cultural Institute

Taiyi Cultural Institute

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Taiyi Cultural Institute is located in Yangxin County, Shandong Province, the hometown of classical furniture in China. Taiyi Cultural Institute is affiliated to Shandong Yuyang Group. Its mission is to carry forward traditional culture, inherit Chinese civilization, strengthen cultural confidence, practice Chinese spirit, explore cultural and tourism integration, and create an industrial ecology. It integrates one-stop services of "eating, living, traveling, learning, traveling, entertainment and shopping", and takes the cultivation of domestic feelings as the mission to fully realize the enterprise vision of "culture, innovation, ecology and capital".

With a total investment of 350 million yuan, Tai-Yi Cultural Institute covers an area of 208,000 square meters and has more than 60 managerial personnel. Main planning the fellow pavilion, Buddhism hall, taishan stone valley diamond sutra moya carved stone, wisdom, the other shore, Oriental shenmu, letter hutch good lent, world a free life pond, wenchang tower, such as more than 10 landscape attractions, tai yi culture school committed to traditional culture as the theme of large-scale exhibition hall, with the domestic well-known Chinese learning, education, art and other related domain experts, scholars, through studies, characteristic cultural tourism, the combination of a variety of ways, such as characteristic theme exhibition influence, give full play to the positive energy building interactive communication and academic research, project cooperation comprehensive cultural center. Based on the "Tai-Yi Cultural And Creative Center", it covers the exhibition of famous calligraphic and painting works, categories of cultural and artistic support, cultural and artistic display, art appreciation, trading and auction, art development, contemporary art, and integration of various types of business. Tai yi culture institute to realize integrated into an organic whole wenbo comprehensive industrial park, cultural tourism and characteristic cultural tourism destination, will become a new highland lubei region and culture, promote regional development and prosperity of cultural undertakings, broaden the cultural market growth space, activate the cultural undertakings development towards a higher level, to the prosperity and active, inherit the traditional culture, cultural tourism industry is of great significance to promote economic development.



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