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Intelligent welding of aluminum formwork


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Intelligent welding of aluminum formwork

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1. This system includes inner open inner inverted window, outer flat window, outer overhanging window, inner flat door, outer flat door and various corners, splicing, strengthening profiles, which can be achieved as long as the heat insulation door and window works can be completed by this system.

2. The system is divided into 14.8 series and 16 series according to the width of the heat insulation strip. Please indicate when choosing.

3. All kinds of doors and Windows of this system have the top performance of similar products at home and abroad in terms of strength, air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation and thermal insulation performance. It is a high performance product for open doors and Windows.

4. Aluminum alloy buckle has arc, lace right-angle type, three kinds of buckle width has a variety of specifications, and in the 50 system all doors and Windows open fan and fixed parts of the general.

5. Sealing strip for opening fan and sealing strip for inlaid glass shall be used on all doors and Windows of system 50.

6. The opening seam of the flat door fan and frame has a security bolt, is to remove the hinge on the door without a key can not open the door, there is an ideal security function.

7. This system in the guarantee of aluminium alloy to buckle the direction under the premise of indoors, can achieve inside a round of outside, outside in the open engineering needs, and is equipped with flat open, hanging up outside the window bright window to buckle to interior side of the steering profiles, don't turn over box can still achieve bright window to buckle side indoors, convenience is provided for the glass replacement, and increase security.

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