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Jinyang Environmental

Jinyang Environmental

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Jinyang (anhui) environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is a collection of aluminum alloy construction template research and development, design, production, installation, leasing, sales, service as one of professional aluminum deep processing enterprises, the project total investment 6.2 billion yuan, covers an area of 2 square kilometers, the company's main products are aluminum alloy template, PC prefabricated, adhesive lifting scaffolding, underground pipe gallery, all aluminum furniture. Located in hefei, anhui province, the project is the sub-center of Yangtze river delta city cluster, a comprehensive national science center, a double-node city with "One Belt And One Road" and Yangtze river economic belt strategy. The company went into production on November 29, 2017, and its annual output value is expected to be about 5 billion yuan. Now, it has established good long-term cooperative relations with many large enterprises such as China railway, China construction, poly real estate, midea real estate, country garden, vanke and Evergrande.

Jinyang Environmental Protection is a green, energy saving and environmental protection recycling industry vigorously advocated by the state. The company is committed to creating a one-stop green building service system, adapting to the transformation of old and new driving forces, actively responding to the "Made in China 2025" and strictly following the industry 4.0 standard. With the introduction of a series of policies in China, such as "replacing wood with wood" and "saving energy and reducing emissions", building green building has become the mainstream situation of the construction industry today, and aluminum alloy template, PC prefabricated components, climbing frame and other products as the representatives of green and environmental protection new materials are getting more and more attention. Replace wood with aluminum, replace steel with aluminum, eliminate dust, reduce haze has been an inevitable trend!

Our company has the high quality automatic production process and the domestic high quality design research and development team, the production team, the engineering and the after-sales service team, provides the high quality aluminum template, the climbing frame and so on product solution for the customer. To provide perfect professional construction scheme as the direction of enterprise efforts, to bring customers more comfortable, fast service as the foothold, and constantly realize the leapfrog development of the enterprise. Customer satisfaction is always our persistent pursuit, customers use rest assured, we work hard, the future of Jinyang environmental protection will adhere to the "reputation, responsibility, service" three core concepts to do a good job, stronger, bigger!

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