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Taihe New Materials

Taihe New Materials

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Taihe new materials co., LTD belongs to yu Yang group, shandong taihe new material in yangxin of shandong province, the company was established in 2015, the registered capital of 3 million, now covers an area of 460 mu with production workers more than 600, the company annual production capacity of aluminum template 50 square meters, is a collection of product research and development, technology design, production, sales, leasing, construction installation and after-sales service in one of the modern building technology service provider. Taihe aluminum formwork and all aluminum creeper actively promote building industrialization, comprehensively explore green building technology innovation, and try their best to improve the development process of green building industry. Taihe aluminum formwork and all aluminum creeper are of great significance for the improvement of lightweight construction, energy conservation and environmental protection, and safety guarantee efficiency.


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